Best Shot Shooting Sport Academy

Our Programs


1-Electronic Target Systems:

Shooting Sport has evolved over the years and competition has got stiffer after introduction of decimal scoring system. Electronic Target Systems have become absolutely vital for every shooter who is preparing for National and International Level Competitions. Electronic targets automatically gauge the hits, so that no physical inspection of hits is needed and provide the shooter immediate and precise feedback.
Keeping that in mind, we have installed 9 units of Tachus 10 Electronic Target Systems in our shooting range. Tachus 10 Electronic Target Systems work on robust ultrasonic measurement technology and not only provide accurate scores immediately after the fire but also give us key information and analytical matrix of each training session which again assists us in guiding the shooter. These electronic targets have helped our shooters for national and bigger competitions and our plan is to continue adding more electronic targets in our range.

2-Imported Weapons and Ammunition:

We provide International Standard Weapons of MORINI, Pardini, Walther, and Steyr to our shooters for practice. These are the same Weapons used in international competitions such as World Cups and Olympics. We provide quality amination (RWS R10, JSB and Diabolo) to our shooters.