Best Shot Shooting Sport Academy



Best Shot Shooting Academy has one of the best infrastructures among all private ranges.We provide word class facilities to the shooters. We did a lot of careful and meticulous planning in designing and developing our academy with state of the art infrastructure.

1-Electronic Target Systems

We have installed Tachus 10 Electronic Target Systems for our shooters. These Systems not just help us to gauge accurate scores of each shooter but provide complex analysis of each training session which again assists us in guiding the shooter.


We provide International Standard Weapons of MORINI , Pardini, Walther, and Steyr to our shooters for practice. These are the same Weapons used in International competitions such as World Cups and Olympics.

3-Regular Competitions:

Our excellent infrastructure allows us to conduct regular competitions on Tachus Electronic Target Systems. We also display live competition on big screen for audience. These competitions are conducted to create similar competitive environment as National and other major competitions.

4-Physical Training Sessions:

Physical fitness is important for Shooting Sport. We understand being in good shape increases your ability to handles stress in competition. Our physical program is focused on strength training and flexibility improvement. Regular sessions are conducted.

5-Mental Conditioning Sessions:

Shooting is more of a mental game than physical. We conduct sessions to help our shooters Improve mental fitness and preparation for competition consistently. We train them to Learn to take responsibility for their self-confidence and trust their skills and take the practice to competition level.